Click on unlocked feature cards to

Real High Resolution

For the first time ever, enjoy Maple in real high resolutions with adaptive scaling. The world of Selene is more beautiful than anything you've ever witnessed before. Experience Maple in any resolution you like, even up to 4K!

All-in-one Account

Multiple characters from the same account can be logged in at the same time. No longer will you forget which account each of your characters is on, or have to decide which account to vote or donate on!

Player Hub

The Hub is a connector map that allows you to quickly access a few cool locations. It is accessible by pressing the Hub button on the main UI.

Proactive Anti-cheat

With our proactive anti-cheat, we can easily detect and prevent any kind of cheating and hacking. It identifies the smallest infractions and automatically finds potential cheaters and botters.

New Areas

Explore new custom areas around the maple world alongside customized questlines to complete, monsters to slay and bosses to overcome.

Balanced Economy

We've taken major steps to ensure the game economy system stays balanced, and avoid the very common scenario of inflation in maple servers.

No HP Washing

We have completely disabled HP washing in all forms, as we feel it does not benefit the game in any positive way. Instead, we will introduce a couple of alternatives.

Nerfed Leeching

Leeching is the act of a strong player leveling up another player while being in the party. While we kept leeching possible, it is very inefficient and does not allow the player to be AFK during this time.

Revised Gear Progression

Advancing through gears have been made easier in Selene, with most of the clutter being removed, including equipment typically deemed overpowered for their level.

Enhanced Guild Experience

Introducing Guild quests, expeditions, and more. Attain and spend guild points in various ways, including building your own headquarters for an all-around greater social experience.

Selene Storyline

Introducing an engaging series of quests for players to embark on an adventure discovering the world of Selene. Explore forgotten maps of the past while gaining level-appropriate EXP when taking part in this storyline.

Achievement System

Gain medals from accomplishing various activities in the different aspects of the game and enjoy the benefits of each and every medal you have in your collection at the same time!

Lively Towns

Experience a livelier atmosphere around towns where players from various channels are automatically transferred to a common channel when entering and returned to their original channel after.