End Game Expansion

The aim of this dev blog is to give you an idea of what we have planned for Selene’s long-term future, targeted towards late and end game content. In the interest of keeping things a surprise for when the appropriate time comes to release each of the content portrayed here, especially end game areas and expeditions, we will not be revealing specifics. Rest assured, we are committed to prioritizing and developing the fundamental aspects of getting Selene ready for launch. Thus, the majority of contents depicted here are merely ideas that have yet to be fleshed out for the time being. As such, **we ask that you treat the contents of this post as a concept, or a proposal subjected to changes instead of a definitive decision.** ### Late Game vs. End Game Where traditional pre-big-bang servers have their gameplay progression in the end game lead towards Level 200, we refer to them as the late game in Selene. End game in Selene would refer specifically to post-200 content, as the level cap for characters would eventually be raised to 250. # Late Game Areas Planned for Selene One common issue faced in pre-big-bang servers is the lack of content for higher-levelled players. When you think about the training grounds available for a player to level their character to 200, monsters such as Skelegon and Petrifighters, and areas such as Temple of Time and Neo Tokyo may come to mind. The lack of options often leads players to depend on bossing to level up instead, with the exception of magicians. While we would like to maintain the role bosses play in a player’s gameplay experience, our aim is to provide sufficient content to serve as alternative training grounds for the higher leveled players as well. We intend to bring over areas and monsters from post-big-bang to Selene, making the necessary changes needed to mob level, HP, and EXP to suit a pre-big-bang server. Below are some of the areas we have in mind to rebalance and introduce as late-game training grounds leading up to Level 200. None of the areas are confirmed as of now, and we do have other post-big-bang areas in consideration as well. ![Post-Big-Bang Areas](https://i.imgur.com/2BfUGoS.jpg) **Post-Big-Bang Areas** In addition to this, we have a couple of new areas developed exclusively for Selene. ![New Area 1](https://i.imgur.com/qPdgsgx.jpg) **New Area 1** ![New Area 2](https://i.imgur.com/Z5vXysr.jpg) **New Area 2** Here is an overview of the contents we have planned for thus far, alongside the target level range. | Late Game Content | Adjusted Level Range | |----------------------------------------|----------------------| | New Area #1 | Levels 135 to 145 | | 1st Post-Big-Bang Area | Levels 145 to 155 | | 2nd Post-Big-Bang Area | Levels 150 to 165 | | 3rd Post-Big-Bang Area | Levels 160 to 170 | | 4th Post-Big-Bang Area | Levels 165 to 175 | | 5th Post-Big-Bang Area | Levels 170 to 180 | | 6th Post-Big-Bang Area | Levels 175 to 190 | | New Area #2 | Levels 180 to 200 | Given that both new areas have already been fully developed and porting over post-big-bang areas into Selene would be seamless, we can work on rolling these areas out gradually, one at a time, starting sometime after launch. More details on the two new areas developed for Selene will be revealed over at the ‘New Areas’ feature card on our website in time to come. # Late Game Boss Expeditions As far as pre-big-bang boss expeditions goes, most players would be familiar with Zakum, Horntail, and Pink Bean. Other bosses commonly found in servers include Nightmarish (Showa Town), Emperor Toad (Ninja Castle), and the series of expeditions found within Neo Tokyo. Selene will include content such as Von Leon (Lion Heart Castle) and Empress Cygnus (Knight’s Stronghold) in addition to the aforementioned expeditions. Check out our [previous blog](https://playselene.com/blog/post/12/) for a more in-depth look into our Redesigned Bosses Plan that covers boss expeditions leading up to Level 200. # End Game Weapons & Equipment End game weapons and equipment will come from late-game boss expeditions. Each area would be the source of one type of gear. End game boss expeditions (post-200 content) would involve obtaining additional upgrades to end game gear instead of introducing any brand new equipment; adding value to your existing investment instead of rendering them completely useless. # Skills Upgrade – Books 40 & 50 As part of our endgame expansion plans, we intend to make skill points gained from levels 201 to 250 useful by upgrading certain skills from each class by making a Book 40 and 50 available. Any skill that gets a Book 40 upgrade will also get a Book 50 upgrade, and all classes would get the same number of skills upgraded in total. Specific details on which skill would receive an upgrade for each class would only be revealed closer to implementation, however, Maple Warrior and the primary attacking skill of each job would be among them. Books 40 and 50 would also come with a level requirement to use, at level 200 and 220 respectively. # End Game Areas & Boss Expeditions – A Concept We have big plans for Selene’s eventual end game. However, it is important to note none of these would be relevant anytime soon as we have yet to work on developing any of the contents beyond building a draft concept of what it may look like. Our primary focus post-launch would be to progressively roll out late game content before getting into end game content. The main reason for sharing our concept this soon is to present an idea of what end game in Selene could look like, for those looking to know our long-term plans before committing to investing time in playing the server. ## Space Travel The end game in Selene would consist of fully custom content revolving around space travel. Think of it as our version of Arcane River. It is important to note that we will be deviating from the original Black Mage storyline and instead build our own. We will use different areas, maps, monsters, and bosses from post-big-bang in our design for our end game content. We do have an idea of which area and boss we want to involve in each of our end game content. However, given that we do not intend to work on them anytime soon, we will refrain from sharing specifics in the event that our shortlisted area or boss changes in time to come. At Level 200, players would unlock a quest that serves as an introductory to their journey into space. Similar to how the Emperor Toad boss precedes access to Neo Tokyo, there will be a boss expedition situated in Omega Sector preceding access to space travel. Upon completion, players can board space flights that will take off from Omega Sector to the first planet (tentatively named ‘Planet 1’). Eventually, there will be five planets in total with level requirements to access which will increase progressively. Each planet will consist of training grounds and monsters suited for players of the appropriate level range, as well as an overall questline that leads to an expedition boss. Players would then have to clear the expedition in order to complete the particular questline and progress onto the next planet to receive the next part. There will be an expedition at the end of every planet. Mastery books 40 and 50 will also be made available via the monsters and bosses found within the planets. | End Game Content | Level Requirement | End Game Expedition | |:-------------------:|:-----------------:|:-------------------:| | Omega Sector (Boss) | 200 | Boss Level 200 | | Planet 1 | 200 | Boss Level 210 | | Planet 2 | 210 | Boss Level 220 | | Planet 3 | 220 | Boss Level 230 | | Planet 4 | 230 | Boss Level 240 | | Planet 5 | 240 | Boss Level 250 | # End Game Equipment Upgrades Upgrades would be made available for your end game weapons and equipment in the form of runes that can be scrolled on top of the default slots available for scrolling. These runes would be made available as drops from the different boss expeditions available across the five planets. In addition to the previously mentioned end game weapon and equipment, an end game ring (Galactic Conqueror’s Ring) would be made available as a drop from the first end game expedition in Omega Sector. This ring would carry five slots, each to be scrolled with a special type of stone dropped from the five different planet expedition bosses (following the same concept of Nine’s Spirit Egg used to scroll Horntail Pendant, except a different item for each of the five slots). Below is a table showcasing the various drops available from end game boss expeditions. As mentioned previously, this is meant to illustrate a concept as opposed to being a finalized decision. | End Game Expeditions | Drops | |---------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Expedition 1<br> (Omega Sector – Level 200) | [Equip] Galactic Conqueror’s Ring<br> [Rune] Hat Upgrade<br> [Rune] Shoulder Upgrade | | Expedition 2<br> (Planet 1 – Level 210) | [Ring] Stone 1<br> [Rune] Weapon Upgrade 1<br> [Skill] Maple Warrior 40 | | Expedition 3<br> (Planet 2 – Level 220) | [Ring] Stone 2<br> [Rune] Weapon Upgrade 2<br> [Rune] Armour Upgrade | | Expedition 4<br> (Planet 3 – Level 230) | [Ring] Stone 3<br> [Rune] Shoes Upgrade<br> [Rune] Cape Upgrade | | Expedition 5<br> (Planet 4 – Level 240) | [Ring] Stone 4<br> [Rune] Weapon Upgrade 3<br> [Rune] Gloves Upgrade | | Expedition 6<br> (Planet 5 – Level 250) | [Ring] Stone 5<br> [Skill] Maple Warrior 50 | # Conclusion While it will take a long time to witness the plans portrayed in this blog come to fruition, we hope reading this would give you a sense of our commitment to continually introduce content to keep gameplay interesting for the long-term. And as always, if you have any questions, suggestions, thoughts, or anything else, make sure to join [Selene's Discord](https://discord.playselene.com) and share them with us.