Experience Maple, Differently

What is Selene?
Selene is an ambitious re-imagination of classic Maple. Breaking the mold from the standard pre-Big Bang server, Selene is filled with changes to improve game balance, remove tedious mechanics outright, and change the end-game to become more diverse. Design decisions are not held back by "nostalgia" but rather are made in the name of improvement, all while keeping the game recognizable to older players. To support these goals, Selene runs a fully custom source and client, giving us full control over every facet of the game. Experiencing true fresh content outside of the outdated limitations of old is not only possible, but entirely within our plans, including real high-resolution gameplay with adaptive scaling, cross-platform support, entirely new jobs, reworked classes, brand new skills, and more. We've only just scratched the surface of what Maple could really be.